Supported Plug-in formats:
Audio Units (32-64bit), VST, RTAS (Mac OS X 10.6 - 10.7, 10.8)
VST (32-64bit), RTAS (Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, Vista)
  Integral Studio Pack
Complete Music Production Pack
  Analog Mastering Tools
Mastering Redefined
  Analog Signature Pack
Record, Mix, Master
BBE Sound Suite of Effects
  BBE Stomp Ware
BBE Sound Analog Stomp Boxes
  British Bundle
Vintage Modeling of British Effects
  Blue Tubes Bundle
Original Vintage Tube Style designs
  Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack
Dynamics: Vintage Style designs
  Blue Tubes Effects Pack
Effects: Vintage Style designs
  Blue Tubes Equalizers Pack
Equalizers: Vintage Style designs
  Essential Studio Suite
Essential Suite of Plug-Ins
  Liquid Bundle II
Variety of Incredible Effects
  Motown Retro Bundle
Vintage Modeling of Motown Effects
  Supported Plug-in formats:
Audio Units (32-64bit), VST, RTAS (Mac OS X 10.5 - 10.6)
VST (32-64bit), RTAS (Windows 7 - XP - Vista)
Harmonic Exciter and Sub Generator
Analog Echo Box
Reel-to-Reel Audio Tape Warmer
  ASP - Program Equalizer EQP-4
Full Range Stereo Tube Equalizer
  ASP - Limiting Amplifier LM-662
Dual Classic Vintage Limiter
  ASP - Studio Channel SC-226
Analog Tube Style Channel Strip
Emulation of the Legendary ALTEC EQ
  Blue Tubes - Analog TrackBox
Original Vintage Style Channel Strip
  Blue Tubes - BrickWall
Original Vintage Style BrickWall Limiter
  Blue Tubes - Compressor CP-2S
Original Vintage Style Compressor
  Blue Tubes - DeEsser DS-2S v3.6
Original Vintage Style DeEsser
  Blue Tubes - Gate Expander GX622
Original Vintage Style Noise-Gate / Expander
  Blue Tubes - Limiter LM2S
Original Vintage Style Limiter & Master EQ
  Blue Tubes - Analog Chorus CH2S
Original Vintage Style Stereo Chorus
  Blue Tubes - Analog Phaser APH2S
Original Vintage Style Analog Phaser
  Blue Tubes - Oilcan Echo TLE2S
Original Vintage Style Oilcan Echo
  Blue Tubes - Tempo Delay 3D
Original Vintage Style 3D Delays
  Blue Tubes - Stereo Imager ST2S
Original Vintage Style Stereo Imager
  Blue Tubes - Valve Driver ADR2S
Original Vintage Style Tube Overdriver
  Blue Tubes - Equalizer BQ2S
Original British-Style Equalizer
  Blue Tubes - Equalizer BX2S
Original Vintage Style Baxandall Tone
  Blue Tubes - Equalizer GEQ12
Original Vintage Style 12 Band Equalizer
  Blue Tubes - Equalizer PEQ2B
Original Classic 60's Equalizer
  Blue Tubes - Equalizer PEQ5B
Original 3 Band Parametric Equalizer
  Blue Tubes - Equalizer PEQ322
Original 5 Band Parametric Equalizer
  BlueVerb DRV-2080
Original 80's Style Digital Reverb
  Rock Amp Legends
Guitar Amp Simulator
  E-3B Compressor
Multiband Compressor
  E-3B Maximizer
Multiband Loudness Maximizer
Essential Channel Strip
Essential Compressor
  E-Graphic EQ
15 Band Graphic Equalizer
  E-Gate Expander
Essential NoiseGate / Expander
Essential Loudness Maximizer
Wide Range of Vocal Effects
  E-TubeTape Warmer
Tube and Tape Analog Saturator
  Liquid Compressor II
Modern Compressor / Limiter
  Liquid Delays II
Filtering Dual-Delay with Tube Saturator
  Liquid Mod II
Chorus, Flanger Effects
  Liquid Phase II
Phasers from the 70's and 80's
  Liquid Verb II
Digital Reverb Designed to be Musical
  Liquid Gate II
Modern Noise Gate with Internal Side Chain
Emulation of the Legendary PULTEC EQs
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