The All-Tec EQs plug-in is a faithful emulation of the legendary ALTEC passive analog equalizers range from the 50’s. The hardware has been heard on countless records and are still being used today.

The All-Tec EQs v2 plug-in adds an adjustable analog circuit module that replicates the complex behavior of analog tubes and transformers. It generates a pleasant analog saturation effect, to any sound you feed into it.

V2 features a completely rewritten DSP engine, a brand new resizable UI with two skins, a new 9067 Filter module, along with many other improvements.

The All-Tec EQs include 3 equalization modules modeled after Altec hardware in a single plug-in. Each module can be individually disabled or used simultaneously for full range equalization.

9067 Module

The 9067 Filter is a vintage filter module made of two high quality 18 dB/octave high-pass and lowpass filters. Each band provides 10 frequency options or can be individually disabled.

9063 Module

The 9063 Equalizer is a vintage equalizer for low and high frequencies equalization. It consists of 2 bands that can be individually boosted or attenuated.

9062/73 Module

The 9062/73 Graphics Equalizer is a vintage equalizer which consists of 7 bands that can be individually boosted or attenuated up to ±8 dB.

The band frequencies can be switched between 9062 and 9073 models.

PRE-2C Module

The PRE-2C is the master section of the entire EQ chain. Use it to adjust the input and output levels, the amount of analog character and the dry/wet mixing ratio.

Backward Compatibility

Altec-Tec v2 is not compatible with v1 sessions or presets. It is a completely new plug-in and therefore does not replace the v1 in your plug-in folder. You therefore have the option to keep on using the v1 version, to work on previous mixes.

Owners of the v1 version will be prompted to upgrade their serial number for the v2 version . Simply enter your v1 serial number from the plug-in and follow the instructions.

Note: Your old serial can still be used to authorize the previous V1 and work on previous mixes. Both versions will be available in your plug-in folder.


  • Sample rates: 44.1 kHz > 384 kHz
  • Channel layouts: Stereo to Stereo / Mono to Mono
  • Latency: None
  • Intel/AMD 64 bit or Apple Silicon


Operating Systems :
  • Mac OSX
  • Windows
Formats :
  • AAX Native
  • Audio-Unit
  • VST
  • VST3

Included in Bundles

Integral Studio Pack III
Integral Studio Pack III $ 599
The Complete Vintage Plug-in Collection
Retro EQs Bundle v2
Retro EQs Bundle v2 $ 199
Emulation of the Amazing PULTEC & ALTEC EQs

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Oct 25, 2023
This updated version of the Nomad Factory All-Tec EQs is fantastic! Great for fitting individual tracks in the mix, polishing the master bus, or as tool for sound-design. The interface looks great and you have all of the All-Tec EQs in one plugin. I love passive vintage-style EQs, and the Nomad Factory All-Tec EQs are simply wonderful! Very excited to see the rest of the line be upgraded to this new framework as it is clearly quite good.


  • macOS 10.13 or above
  • Intel 64 bit or Apple Silicon
  • 64 bit AU / VST / VST3 / AAX host
  • Pro Tools 11 or above
  • An internet connection is required to authorize the product
  • Up to 3 computers authorizations (seats)
  • Windows: 7 or above
  • Intel/AMD 64 bit
  • 64 bit AU / VST / VST3 / AAX host
  • Pro Tools 11 or above
  • An internet connection is required to authorize the product
  • Up to 3 computers authorizations (seats)


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