Elevate Your Sound with Cosmos: Harmonic Exciter and Sub Generator

Aug 23, 2023 by victor Permalink

Unleash Cosmos, the ultimate tool for sonic enhancement and low-end richness that takes your tracks to soaring heights!

Key Features:

  • Faithfully emulates legendary audio hardware used in top studios.
  • Perfect for recordings, mixes, TV/Film, Broadcast, and more.
  • Enhance clarity and punch without raising the gain.
  • Use harmonic enhancement for balanced, desirable frequencies.
  • Transform audio sources like compressed mp3, podcasts, and more.
  • Add massive low-frequency impact with the tunable sub-generator.
  • Built-in limiter and imaging for precise control and stereo enhancement.

Amplify audio brilliance, magnify low-end depth, and seize total sound control with Cosmos. Elevate your music, podcasts, and projects before the promo ends on September 10th!

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