Black Friday Starts Now !

Nov 19, 2019 by Ashley Smith Permalink

Nomad Factory plug-ins are simply a-class-apart, expertly crafted and tuned by engineers for engineers... for you! 17 years strong in the industry and widely regarded as the best by top mixers in the field.

Nomad Factory plug-ins set the standard for no comprise with the famed Blue Tubes collection, EQ's, Compressors, Reverbs, Delays, Saturation plug-ins to Tape Emulations, an incredible Analog Studio Rack modeled on classic SSL and Pultec hardwares, and receiving high praise for the latest 80's Spaces from Greg Wells (Adele, Mika) and David Kahne (Paul McCartney, The Bangles).

Now's the time to pick up a few at the store at our blow out prices for Black Friday, use them as others on your mixes, and engage in the future of sound !

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