A lethal sound design plug-in for mind-bending transformations

Dec 20, 2022 by victor Permalink

GARBAGE LSD is a mind-bending audio transformation plug-in with user adjustable signal chain and dual modulation matrix. It provides a series of lethal modules to manipulate, distort, destroy and transform your sounds with radioactive modulation, junk EQs, warping convolutions and scummy filtering to name a few.

Using the various components of GARBAGE LSD enables one to create wacky new sounds to spice up mixes or create "innovative" textures never thought possible.

The Ultimate DRUM TRACKS Multi-FX Rack Plug-in

Dec 16, 2022 by victor Permalink

Drum Tools is a powerful multi-fx plug-in that provides the key components you need-at-hand to help you sculpt perfect drum sounds with ease!

In addition, you can use the DLA2A NF type compressor as heard in the successful Bus Driver plug-in. This unique vintage compressor will breath life into your Drums, make them punchy and add a solid character that will define your tracks. And, you can now push all of these controls to the limit using the efficient output stage 'soft clipper' that will ensure you never go over "0dB", avoiding unwanted digital distortion.

Turn you DAW into a complete vintage studio

Dec 13, 2022 by victor Permalink
With over 50 vintage sounding plug-ins modeled on unique pieces of hardware it includes many of Nomad Factory’s most famed plug-ins such as the legendary Analog Signature Pack (featuring the sought-after Dual Limiting Amplifier LM-662 plug-in), the BlueVerb DRV-2080 and the Essential Studio Suite. With an extensive variety of plug-ins at your finger tips, pick and choose to your hearts content from “epoch” EQs, luscious reverbs, multi-band analog compressors, stunning effects, remarkable mastering tools and many more.

A complete bundle for all you vintage tube lovers

Dec 9, 2022 by victor Permalink
The Blue Tubes Bundle V3 is a collection of 19 plug-ins processors for PC and Mac OSX. It recreates the warm sound qualities of classic analog hardware.

80s Spaces - a Beta version is available for testing...

Oct 27, 2022 by eric Permalink

Following the launch of 80s Spaces v2 last month, we received amazing testimonials from users that thanked the team at Plugivery for maintaining the Nomad Factory product line up to date.

Now we have a new version of 80s Spaces that is ready to launch and we could really use some help to accelerate the process of making new versions available.

We have therefore created a Beta Testing forum in which, we invite you to post bug reports and/or Feature Requests.

You may as of today, download the latest beta version of 80s Spaces and send us your feedback and comments.

As always, more testers that send us useful reports means, quicker bug fixes and updates for all users.

So, feel free to share this information around you, on dedicated forum boards, and on social media such as twitter, facebook, etc. in order to gather as many testers as possible...

Please note that the forum is only available to registered users. You may login using your (Nomad Factory or Plugivery) account, or simply register for a free account.

Your help and support is greatly appreciated !

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