Nomad Factory has a New Website !

Aug 29, 2019 by eric Permalink

Ladies and Gentlemen, we proudly welcome you, our loyal customers, to the new Nomad Factory website !

As many of you know, Plugivery Distribution took over Nomad Factory's business 3 years ago following the sad passing of long time friend and partner Bernie Torelli. The timing was not good as we had just launched our distribution services a few months prior…

We nevertheless managed to save the company, keep all employees, and keep the product line going strong with new well-received plug-in releases by and for the audio community.

There's still so much to do however as we are continuing the porting of all plug-ins to our new and modern framework which should be done no later than Q3, 2020. It's a huge task and we're actively working on it !

The new Nomad Factory Website is available from the following URL :

The aptly named "Go.NomadFactory" sub domain is as we are maintaining the old Nomad website and keeping it live for technical reasons, such as registering past legacy software. But, once all plug-ins have been ported, we will move the new site to the primary address.

We hope you enjoy the clean layout of the new site. We will be actively working to improve the product descriptions, visuals and other useful information that you may need to enjoy your Nomad Factory products.

Feel free to post any comments or suggestions in our forums, found in the "Support" menu or at the new Nomad Factory Facebook page.

Nomad Factory software are distributed by Plugivery plug-in distribution service.
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