Unleash the Ultimate Mix Magic!

Aug 25, 2023 by victor Permalink

Experience audio enchantment with the Magnetics Bundle II – the essential trio of vintage studio plug-ins: Cosmos, Magnetic II, and Echoes.

Get Yours before September 10th

Enhance your mixes with the power of the original studio environment, backed by Nomad Factory's expertise.

Elevate Your Sound with Cosmos: Harmonic Exciter and Sub Generator

Aug 23, 2023 by victor Permalink

Unleash Cosmos, the ultimate tool for sonic enhancement and low-end richness that takes your tracks to soaring heights!

Key Features:

  • Faithfully emulates legendary audio hardware used in top studios.
  • Perfect for recordings, mixes, TV/Film, Broadcast, and more.
  • Enhance clarity and punch without raising the gain.
  • Use harmonic enhancement for balanced, desirable frequencies.
  • Transform audio sources like compressed mp3, podcasts, and more.
  • Add massive low-frequency impact with the tunable sub-generator.
  • Built-in limiter and imaging for precise control and stereo enhancement.

Amplify audio brilliance, magnify low-end depth, and seize total sound control with Cosmos. Elevate your music, podcasts, and projects before the promo ends on September 10th!

Embrace the Vintage Vibe: Blue Tubes Bundle V3 is on PROMO

Aug 23, 2023 by victor Permalink

Discover the magic of Original Vintage Tube Style designs with the Blue Tubes Bundle V3 – a powerhouse collection of 19 plugin processors designed for both PC and Mac OSX.

Revel in the lush, warm sound that pays homage to the golden age of analog hardware. Immerse yourself in the audio quality that's not just amazing, but truly awe-inspiring. With the Blue Tubes Bundle V3, you're not just getting plugins – you're capturing the essence of classic equipment in a modern digital form.

Promo Alert: The Ultimate '80s Reverb Experience!

Aug 23, 2023 by victor Permalink

Step back in time with 80s Spaces v2 - the reverb plug-in that resurrects the iconic soundscapes of the '80s digital era.

Immerse your music in the signature reverbs and spatial effects that defined the sounds of Michael Jackson, Madonna, and more legendary artists. Developed by Nomad Factory in partnership with Plugivery and MoReVox, this plug-in brings you 250 meticulously crafted impulse responses, delivering a spectrum of reverb styles - from lush vocal halls to classic gated drums.

Don't miss out! Elevate your music with the essence of the '80s before this offer fades away. Promo ends on September 10th.

Classic Motown Effects on PROMO

Aug 18, 2023 by victor Permalink

Designed to improve the quality of digital sound recordings. This plug-ins recreates the warm sound qualities of legendary analog hardware passive equalizers used by Motown engineers.

The plug-ins provide a simple and functional Vintage/Retro-Style interface, as well as low CPU consumption for lightening-fast processing. It is time to add the Motown vibe to your mix.

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