The Ultimate Modular Rack Plug-in is on Promo!

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Analog Studio Rack is a "Modular Rack" that provides hot-swappable 500 series style EQ’s, Compressors, Gate, Exciter and a Tube Driven Pre-Amp; the perfect all-in-one channel strip!

Inspired by a classic and famous British console known for its excellent features (Gate/Expander, Comp/Limiter, Bus Compressor and EQ, a modified Exciter, a Tube Driven Pre-Amp) and another famous mid 1950's EQ, the AS-Rack brings together a suite of 7 modules expertly tuned to sound musical. True analog in the box!

Quality Emulation of the Legendary PULTEC EQs

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Get Pulse-Tec EQs at a bargain price while Nomad Factory's Summer Sale is still going!

The Pulse-Tec EQs includes the legendary Pultec Mid-Range Equalizer MEQ-5 and the well known Pultec Program Equalizer EQP-1A into a single high quality plug-in, the PULSE-TEC EQs. The PulseTec EQs sections can be enabled or disabled individually or used simultaneously for full range analog equalizations. We added an analog Pre-Amp section which adds an Input Level and Output Level controls as well as a simple 'Clipper' limiter at the master output section.

Quintessentially British

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Rediscover British Console Brilliance: EQ and Compressor/Limiter

Experience the revival of audio excellence as Nomad Factory brings you meticulously recreated Equalizer and Master Bus Compressor/Limiter from a renowned 'British' mixing console.

Crafted to elevate digital sound recordings, these plug-ins offer an intuitive vintage-style interface, paired with minimal CPU consumption for swift processing.

Unveil the legacy of iconic sound, seamlessly blending classic allure with modern convenience. Elevate your audio game today!

Unleash the Ultimate Mix Magic!

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Experience audio enchantment with the Magnetics Bundle II – the essential trio of vintage studio plug-ins: Cosmos, Magnetic II, and Echoes.

Get Yours before September 10th

Enhance your mixes with the power of the original studio environment, backed by Nomad Factory's expertise.

Elevate Your Sound with Cosmos: Harmonic Exciter and Sub Generator

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Unleash Cosmos, the ultimate tool for sonic enhancement and low-end richness that takes your tracks to soaring heights!

Key Features:

  • Faithfully emulates legendary audio hardware used in top studios.
  • Perfect for recordings, mixes, TV/Film, Broadcast, and more.
  • Enhance clarity and punch without raising the gain.
  • Use harmonic enhancement for balanced, desirable frequencies.
  • Transform audio sources like compressed mp3, podcasts, and more.
  • Add massive low-frequency impact with the tunable sub-generator.
  • Built-in limiter and imaging for precise control and stereo enhancement.

Amplify audio brilliance, magnify low-end depth, and seize total sound control with Cosmos. Elevate your music, podcasts, and projects before the promo ends on September 10th!

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