80s Spaces v2.3.0 is Available

Nov 7, 2023 by eric Permalink

Today we are excited to announce the release of 80s Spaces v2.3.0.

  • This version features a redesigned reverb browser with filters by model, time and type. It is available either as temporary or persistent window using right click.
  • This release also introduces a brand new interactive User Manual.
  • New 75% UI scaling option as requested by many users.
  • New "blind mode": disable the tooltips of controls value for a realistic analog experience. In Prefs, set "Control Value Tooltips" to "None".
  • As usual we also made various minor fixes and improvements.
  • View the full change log.

BREAKING - New Retro EQs Bundle from Pulse-Tec & All-Tec Major Upgrades

Oct 24, 2023 by eric Permalink

Today we are proud and excited to announce that we have finalized and launched major updates to both Nomad Factory's flagship products, Pulse-Tec EQs and All-Tec EQs.

These plug-ins are faithful emulations of the legendary PULTEC & ALTEC hardware equalizers, and they are now version 2.0, that brings full support to the latest Windows and macOS operating systems, as well as native compatibility with the latest Apple Silicon chips.

This is also a major UPGRADE to both Pulse-Tec EQs and All-Tec EQs plug-ins, adding useful new modules and features to the product line as well as completely redesigned, hi resolution and resizable GUIs, and two different skins (Classic and Fancy White).

[These UPGRADES are FREE for all previous owners]*

*The two plug-ins are now packaged within a new Bundle named Retro EQs Bundle that contains both Pulse-Tec and All-Tec EQs installers.

The Pultec EQs Story

The Pultec EQP-1, the first passive program EQ, was introduced in the early 1950s and revolutionized recording techniques by allowing more control over the sound. The Pultec EQs gained popularity because they improved any signal that passed through them, even in bypass mode. They are still being used today.

The EQP-1 was followed by the EQP-1A (with some variations of the low end curves) and other Pultec models such as the MEQ-5 for midrange and the HLF module for high-pass and low-pass filtering.

The Pulse-Tec EQs v2 by Nomad Factory faithfully reproduce the original hardware units' curves and offer the three modules in a single plugin. But the new version also adds four unique features that make the Pulse-Tec EQs 2 by Nomad Factory the ultimate Pultec emulation:

  • LINKABLE Boost/Attenuation: The Classic Pultec Trick (for punchy low end) is easier than ever to achieve.
  • 2 MID CUT BANDS: The dream feature that every engineer has always wanted; you can finally remove boominess and harshness at the same time.
  • ANALOG CIRCUITS: You can adjust the amount of harmonic distortion and make it sound clean or you can go beyond and enhance the vintage tube and transformer vibe, just like from the original unit.
  • MIX: You can blend dry and processed sound to create subtle or dramatic variations.

The Altec EQs Story

The Altec 9063 EQ was a very popular mastering EQ in the 1950s, and the graphic models 9062 and 9073 were also known as the Ultimate Motown EQs.

The new Nomad Factory All-TEC EQs v2 (formerly All-Tech 9063b EQ) emulates all the features of the Altec EQs, plus the very precise high-pass and low-pass filters.

With the All-Tec EQs v2, you can experience the "legend" of the Altec EQs in a single plugin!

The adjustable analog saturation makes it sound closer than ever to the original units, and you can also boost the harmonic content beyond the natural level and make it sound more gritty and aggressive.

The extra mix control feature is perfect for blending in some of the dry signal and creating unique tone variations.

The Pulse-TEC EQs v2 and All-TEC EQs v2 are the perfect combo to bring the classic top-class vintage sound to your DAW.

[See the Online User Manual for more product info]

Pricing and Availability

Retro EQs Bundle
LIST Price $199
Introductory Promo $39

Pulse-Tec EQs v2
LIST Price $129
Introductory Promo $29

All-Tec EQs v2
LIST Price $129
Introductory Promo $29

(The intro Promo will run from October 24th through, January 14th, 2023)

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The Ultimate Modular Rack Plug-in is on Promo!

Aug 30, 2023 by victor Permalink

Analog Studio Rack is a "Modular Rack" that provides hot-swappable 500 series style EQ’s, Compressors, Gate, Exciter and a Tube Driven Pre-Amp; the perfect all-in-one channel strip!

Inspired by a classic and famous British console known for its excellent features (Gate/Expander, Comp/Limiter, Bus Compressor and EQ, a modified Exciter, a Tube Driven Pre-Amp) and another famous mid 1950's EQ, the AS-Rack brings together a suite of 7 modules expertly tuned to sound musical. True analog in the box!

Quality Emulation of the Legendary PULTEC EQs

Aug 30, 2023 by victor Permalink

Get Pulse-Tec EQs at a bargain price while Nomad Factory's Summer Sale is still going!

The Pulse-Tec EQs includes the legendary Pultec Mid-Range Equalizer MEQ-5 and the well known Pultec Program Equalizer EQP-1A into a single high quality plug-in, the PULSE-TEC EQs. The PulseTec EQs sections can be enabled or disabled individually or used simultaneously for full range analog equalizations. We added an analog Pre-Amp section which adds an Input Level and Output Level controls as well as a simple 'Clipper' limiter at the master output section.

Quintessentially British

Aug 25, 2023 by victor Permalink

Rediscover British Console Brilliance: EQ and Compressor/Limiter

Experience the revival of audio excellence as Nomad Factory brings you meticulously recreated Equalizer and Master Bus Compressor/Limiter from a renowned 'British' mixing console.

Crafted to elevate digital sound recordings, these plug-ins offer an intuitive vintage-style interface, paired with minimal CPU consumption for swift processing.

Unveil the legacy of iconic sound, seamlessly blending classic allure with modern convenience. Elevate your audio game today!

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